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Tattoos are Art. We are artists. And we truly believe in the art of tattooing and we specialise in pointillism tattoo application.

A tattoo should be much more than just a tattoo. It should be a work of art in its own right. It should have meaning and should be appreciated by you or others for ever. It should create intrigue and conversation and tell a story. And most of all, it should be personal.

More popular than ever, it’s increasingly difficult to get a tattoo that’s different than any other. At Eccythump no two tattoos are the same. Each one is created to be exactly what you want. We do every piece by hand and never use stencils because we believe that the contours of the body, skin tone and personal taste must all combine to make a tattoo perfectly connected to you.

Custom tattoo design has been our trade mark for many years and we have built up a massive portfolio of different concepts and styles. Let these ideas help you to create your own. We can start using a blank canvass or use these tattoo designs to inspire ideas in you. If you have a tattooist already, we can even create a design for you to take away. Other tattooists have been using our designs for years. We believe that the whole experience should be memorable and enjoyable. As long as a little part of Eccythump goes with you, we’re happy.

We use many different techniques to create each piece of art from the subtle pointillism which uses no outlines, portrait tattoos, traditional sailor art, and tribal, oriental and lots more.

We also specialise in tattoo cover up. If you still want a tattoo but not the one you’ve got, we have some great ways of turning it into something completely different. We can also repair an existing tattoo. If it’s more colour or faded lines, we will be able to breathe new life back into any old work.

We are open six days a week, but don’t be afraid to ask about any time that suits you better. Whether it’s in the evening, or at any time on the weekend, it can be arranged.

Come in, get a feel for us and chat about any ideas you have. If you just want to know that we are right for you, you’re welcome to call anytime. Some tattoos take fifteen minutes, some take fifteen hours, so we can do your design and tattoo over several small or longer sessions to fit in with what time you have available.

You can spend time browsing all the different aspects of Eccythump Independent Art. Get inspiration from every angle of our studio and take as long as you want to decide.

 It has to be perfect.